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Wilo Recreation

Due to COVID-19 concerns WILO Recreation has been canceled for the remainder of the 2020 season. We will continue to monitor government health directives, if guidelines should change, we may consider hosting events this season. Planning will be underway for the February 2021 season. These trips will be announced and participants will be able to sign up on or around January 5th, 2021.

Please be safe and we wish everyone good health and well-being.

What is WILO Recreation? WILO Recreation is a fun, engaging and enriching socialization and respite program. What better way to experience what the world has to offer than with a good group of friends and supportive staff mentors. WILO Recreation also provides a respite for care takers and their loved ones by providing an array of activities for young adults with disabilities to enjoy including sporting events, theater shows, art workshops and many other local outings.

What are the age limits? WILO Recreation is currently being offered to young adults ages 21 and older.

How do I sign up? Very easily! Simply follow the steps below and submit the form. Please note that if a participant is new (has not worked with WILO NJ in past programs), a brief intake meeting is mandotory prior to going on the first trip. New participants will attend a local trip, rather than an extended bus trip, on their first event.


(908) 524-1284

Jessica Mallo - WILO Recreation Administrator

Handles planning and event enrollment between families and support coordinators.
(908) 736-5533

Diana Diaz - WILO Recreation Coordinator

Main contact on day of event. Supervises staff and oversees event logistics on day of event. Families should contact the WILO Rec Coordinator with any questions or concerns on the day of the event.


***Please make sure you are enrolled and have submitted all needed forms here before signing up for trips***

More Trips Coming Soon.

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