Staff Members

Keldrick Wright

Executive Director

Keldrick Wright, of Maplewood NJ, has a BA in Human Services/Business Management and has dedicated his life to one of service in helping children and young adults who have developmental and intellectual disabilities. Keldrick began his career as certified Crisis Prevention and Intervention Trainer and Teachers Assistant at Northwest Essex Community Healthcare Network in Belleville, NJ– a school for children with severe emotional and behavioral disorders. He moved on to work in Crisis Intervention at Mt. Carmel Guild Academy in West Orange, NJ; also a school for elementary and high school aged students with developmental, behavioral and intellectual disabilities. From 2010 to 2016 Keldrick served as the Vocational Director for ECLC of NJ’s PRIDE Programs.

Over a span of 10 years Keldrick worked with and became Co-Director of Gateway to Social Opportunity based in Summit, NJ– a community-based weekend activities group for children and adults with special needs. Throughout the years, Keldrick has consistently worked privately with families of children with special needs as a caretaker and Direct Service Professional.

In 2014 Keldrick began a mission of creating housing solutions for adults who seek more independence. To date, he manages a home of 3 full time residents, provides overnight weekend respites and also runs community-based weekend activities.

Jennifer Moy

Program Director

Jennifer Moy is the Program Director for WILO NJ. She is a graduate of Fordham University with a BA degree in the Fine & Performing Arts.  Throughout her life, Jennifer’s passion for art has always been intertwined with her commitment to the special needs community.

Her experience includes Center Director at ECLC of NJ in Chatham where she expanded the PRIDE II center for adults with special needs. Over a span of seven years, she worked as Support Coordinator and later Support Coordinator Supervisor at Neighbours Inc, where she worked directly with hundreds of individuals and their families – connecting them to division-funded services and community resources in order to assist individuals in creating paths to meaningful and productive lives.

While at Neighbours Inc, Jennifer acted as liaison between the Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) and support coordinators throughout the state, managing the precarious transition between multiple state-funded DDD programs to today’s Medicaid Fee for Service model. She also served as the Coordinator of Mentors and Advocacy, a special contract provided by DDD at Neighbours Inc.  She and her team of seventeen family and peer mentors provided support and community outreach to individuals and families throughout the state of New Jersey. 

Seeing the lack of quality art instruction available to adults with special needs, Jennifer created Art Sink, LLC in 2014. Blending her experience in the fields of special education and support coordination with her love for the arts, she became a qualified provider of DDD services.  She and her team of art and music teachers provided individual and group art instruction in multiple mediums in five NJ counties to adults with special needs.

Jennifer’s unique experience and passion for helping people is what makes her a powerful and skilled supporter in assisting individuals to live more meaningful and independent lives. She is honored to be a part of the WILO NJ team, doing this important work for others. 


Wendy Mandelbaum

Director of Operations

Micheal Watrous

Director of Finance

Rory Coleman

Director of Compliance & Quality Assurance

Jessica Mallo

Licensed Social Worker
WILO Recreation Administrator

Caitlin Lee

Administrative Officer

Ericka Haynes

Licensed Practical Nurse

Valarie Goldberg

Executive Assistant

Diana Diaz

Direct Support Lead
WILO Recreation Coordinator

John Gargiulo

Transportation Coordinator
Direct Supports

Support Staff

Donnell Keene  (Residential Counselor)

Brenda Roman (Residential Counselor)

AJ Silver (Residential Counselor)

Justyn Keene (Residential Counselor)

Mindy Montgomery (Residential Counselor)

Dorothy Rodella (Direct Supports)

Michael Bondy (Direct Supports)

Danielle McMillian (Direct Supports)

Jordan Raney (Direct Supports)

Taylor Whitaker-Lake (Direct Supports)

Sarah Basile (Direct Supports)

Vincent Bonds (Direct Supports)

Julio Cabrera (Direct Supports)

Alexis Armstrong (Direct Supports)

Tamara Huth-Gargiulo (Licensed Speech Pathologist)

Terri Humphries (Licensed Speech Pathologist)

Juliet Boles (Office Assistant)

Sumyia Dabney (Administrative Assistant)