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Wright Independent Life Options (WILO NJ)

As an answer to the call to create housing options for adults with Special Needs, Keldrick Wright formed WILO NJ in Maplewood NJ in October of 2014.

WILO NJ set out to provide an unique path where persons with disabilities could learn independent living skills such as social skills, laundry skills, community awareness and safety, cooking skills, personal care, wellness and other skills needed to enjoy life more independently. WILO NJ is an approved New Jersey Medicaid Provider Agency.

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Our Beliefs

WILO NJ believes that every person, regardless of ability, has the right to be a part of the greater community and be viewed and treated as valued members of society.

WILO NJ believes in providing individuals who have disabilities the skills and experiences to build confidence, promote community participation and inclusion.

Our Programs

WILO NJ offers a variety of services and programs such as overnight respites, weekend travel and socialization, housing and other initiatives.

As various program facets of WILO NJ become available, we’ll be sure to update the website. For now, be on the look out for the highly anticipated WILO Weekends program to return.

The programs will resume when it’s reasonably safe to do so.



To EMPOWER persons with disabilities with adequate skills and training and experiences to pursue lives filled with purpose, direction and independence.


To EQUIP parents/guardians of children who have disabilities with tools to navigate the system of services and support.


To INTEGRATE persons with disabilities into the greater community through participation in community-based activities and events.


To INCLUDE and INVITE the greater community to participate in WILO hosted events and activities.


To CREATE an environment where people with disabilities feel loved, respected, honored and valued.


To CUSTOMIZE a unique path where parents/guardians of persons with disabilities can actualize a life of independence for their young adults in present tense.


To provide resources and plans for customized housing outcomes to families who seek it regardless of financial means

To create and develop programs where WILO participants are given tools to be successful in all facets of life

To help alleviate parental fears of not knowing long term life outcomes, quality/delivery of services, and plans for more independent lives for their adult children with special needs

To develop partnerships between community businesses and members in efforts to educate and raise awareness about individuals with special needs

To plan and provide for LIFE LONG care and programming for persons with special needs

WILO Nj thanks you for visiting our website.